How I do it


I'm passionate about building platforms (for learning, intellectual discourse, personal growth & collaboration) and designing systems (for efficiency, assessment & user-friendliness)


I'm keen on 'Making Things Happen' by enabling people, processes and projects. By acting as an Anchor, I'm able to add meaningful value and create significant impact to any initiative.


I grew up thinking & doing a variety of Experiments (side gigs/projects). Some of my significant experiments include FailFest, TEDxSecunderabad, Zwah, Hangout South-Asia and Twestival.



Being Employee #1 at a Startup

This April, I completed 4 years at DeepRedInk Consulting. As the first employee of DRI, I have had some tremendous opportunities to learn, grow and contribute- personally, professionally (and even spiritually!). Here are some of the valuable lessons I learnt, being part of this roller-coaster ride: 1. Navigating through Uncertainty We have always gone through days

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Celebrating 5 Years of DeepRedInk

Five years have just flown by. It seems like just yesterday that we started working out of our homes, armed with just our laptops and lots of dreams; dreams of starting a business around doing what we love dreams of building a company that’s loved by its people dreams of deeply engaging with our clients

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How to keep tabs on the Indian General Elections – 2014

With the Elections just around the corner, several politicians and their respective parties are busy polishing their image, building their portfolios, mending ties with their allies, sling mud at their rivals and preparing their manifestos. At the same time, traditional media and social media platforms are coming up with innovative tools to help the public

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Changing the conversations around Failure

For a long time now, Failure, rejection, defeat et al. have been viewed with a negative lens. Failure happens in so many different ways, at unexpected times and often has a lasting impact on an individual or a collective. So, how about changing the way we perceive failure from its current negative shade to a

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When I met Hillary Clinton….

In May 2012, I got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact face-to-face with one of the most influential and powerful women in the world- Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the United States Secretary of State.   To watch the video footage of the show & my question (at 51:31), click here. Secretary Clinton had a stop-over at Kolkata during her

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Social Media for Democracy

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A couple of weeks back, my Uncle- a Social Entrepreneur called me and asked if I was interested in doing a conference on The Role of Social Media in Democracy on behalf of my firm, along with 2 other non-profits. I took some time, asked my colleagues and jumped into it. I’ve always been inquisitive

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