Makings things happen

Makings things happen


I’m a Software Engineer turned Social Media Expert turned Operations Manager, from Hyderabad, India.

Currently, I’m leading DeepRedInk, a Digital Consulting firm in Hyderabad. Apart from this full-time engagement, I’m also actively involved with social initiatives and niche projects in the areas of Social Media, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Social Change and Youth Empowerment. Occasionally, I deliver Guest Lectures at educational institutions and Tech/Non-Tech conferences.

I’m passionate about:

– building platforms (for learning, intellectual discourse, personal growth & collaboration)

– designing systems (for efficiency, measurement & user-friendliness)



Looking out for my next BIG project!

If you have an idea/mission where you feel I can add value, do give a shout out at hi5[at]nabeeladeni[dot]com

Let’s make a dent in this universe!