I enjoy creating structure and order in any kind of an environment. This innate ability to design, reorganise and rebalance things to make them work in diverse environments not only gives me a huge amount of satisfaction, but also an unparalleled high.

I grew up thinking and doing a variety of ‘projects’.
Projects= activities/side gigs/initiatives that matter and have to be built /enabled /transformed.
Some of my significant projects: FailFest, Zwah, Hangout South-Asia, Aawaaz & Twestival.

I’m keen on associating with Game-changing organizations; that are purpose-driven, customer-centric, innovative, responsible, ethical, profitable & ‘blissful’, to create lasting value.

Also, eager to work for and propagate concepts of Self-Mastery, Consciousness, Social Entrepreneurship, Trusteeship, Ethonomics, Sharing Economy, Maker Culture and Citizenship, specifically among young people.