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The 24th year of my Life!

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As I write this post, I draw closer and closer to my 24th birthday. Just a couple of minutes to go for the ‘occasion’. 

My 24th year has been pretty eventful to say the least. Lots of ups and downs since Jan 18, 2011. Just a day after my 23rd birthday, I was on a plane to New Delhi to visit my ailing Grandmother who had suffered a fracture. I was in the capital for almost a week, oversaw the surgery and left 2 days after that. She was recovering slowly and exactly after a month, she breathed no more. I was on the plane again, this time with my whole family. It was a difficult time for me. I always felt I lacked ‘that emotion’ which would make any normal person cry in such a situation. I was totally numb. I felt it deeply but there were no real outburst of emotions as such.

Back in Hyderabad, I resumed my job at ‘my’ startup. Things were going great. Got loads to learn about Social Media, Management Consulting, Marketing, Strategy, Hiring, the whole ‘Startup affair’, just about everything and 2 -3 months later we merged with a partner firm. Another startup, with some fantastic individuals. Together we moved into a new office and started work big time. It was to some extent the turning point of my nascent career. I got exposed to Content Strategy, Communications strategy in general and met some more awesome people on the way. Towards the end of the year, we got another partner and that really provided us with the stimulus to diversify and explore a new domain- Design, which otherwise wasn’t top priority. The year ended with a lot of parties and get togethers and I could really see something ‘great’ brewing in the organization. Hope to see Deep Red Ink gain more momentum during this year and cross the targets we’ve set for 2012. 

On the personal front, I first got a chance to organize an International Fund raising event in my town- Hyderabad in March, which was a huge success. In June I attended a life-changing workshop- Tao of Facilitation, thanks to my folks at work who encouraged me to go for it.  I learnt to Accept things in their present form, acknowledge silence, develop a helicopter view of things and discovered responsibility in a new way.

Soon after that I was selected to attend 2 Internationsl conferences, one in Switzerland and another in Sri Lanka coincidentally with overlapping dates. I was fully funded by the US Government for the workshop in Sri Lanka and went for it. It was an enriching experience really. I got to represent India at an International level, sharing the platform with leaders from South Asia. Made a lot of friends, understood key issues plaguing the region and crafted a ‘solution’ to a panel of global experts.

Being a cricket fanatic, it was a great first half being an Indian fan, having to see India lift the World cup after 28 years but also had to deal with humiliating defeats abroad in England and Australia.

These were more or less the highs, but what struck me deeply throughout the year were Deaths of my dear ones! I lost my Grandmother in the first half of the year, then my Grandfather in August, a dear friend in the following month and exactly a week back another close friend. The most recent loss has really hit me hard and it’s yet to sink in.

Another friend was hospitalized last week due a bad lung condition. I hope and pray to the Almighty to heal him in super quick time.

All in all, it was a year filled with surprises, adventures, unexpected challenges and enormous gratifications, unprecedented joys and irrepairable losses.

Here’s looking forward to a great journey of 365 days around the sun, minus the losses.

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Humility, in Life & Business

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Humility is a trait that lets a person be grounded, no matter what the situation is. It’s considered a virtue in many religious and philosophical traditions. Humility is multi-dimensional and includes self-understanding and awareness and openness.
Humility stops the ego or arrogance from creeping in to our minds. It is a great team building asset and vital in a business/life scenario. In a way it helps us to think beyond ourselves and see the larger picture. Hence, it is considered an important characteristic of an effective Leader. C.K. Prahalad, the renowned management guru said “Leadership is about self-awareness, recognizing your failings, and developing modesty, humility, and humanity.” It’s sad to see the corporate world today where the big cheese don’t exactly demonstrate those qualities and get into unethical/irresponsible acts, driven by their blatant self-interest and greed.
Success plays a critical role when it comes to humility in Life and Business. In the journey of life, achievement of success- expected or unexpected can boost anybody’s ego and put them in a spot of complacency. Furthermore milestones of success are keenly anticipated. Subsequent successes are hugely welcomed but at that point of time, the occurrence of any possible failure can really demoralize the person. In the case of the humble ones, the wings of airs are rarely obtained. Even in times of adversity the humble ones stay put. Humility can bring more success in the long run.
The quality of caring within the society, within organizations and in relationships between people is what a humble person is all about. Humility is about gracefully accepting a compliment and replying with a polite “Thank you”. It’s about loyally doing your job and not going about bragging about it. It’s about performing acts of service in an anonymous capacity. The kind of contentment you’d receive in doing the above is unimaginable. Take it upon yourself to perform a random act of kindness to someone and see your Feel Good factor going sky high!
Someone who is truly loving and caring at home with their family, with friends, neighbors,  have that capacity to bring it to the work place.

– Margaret Pundmann
– Business of Life