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Question everything!

Rudyard Kipling, the famous author had quoted in his poem- “The Elephant’s Child”
I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who
I strongly feel the need for us- the whole of mankind to take assistance from these six men in our day-to-day lives. All our actions must be based on the resultant answer we get, by asking these six men. I believe the resultant answer will weigh heavily in terms of ethic, logic and practicality and thus justify humans in the sanctity of truth, honesty, integrity and righteousness.
To put it in simpler words, I’d say that one needs to constantly ask himself these 6 questions- What, Why, When, How, Where and Who, before performing any action in his life. When he receives a Clear answer to those questions, he should go about those actions without a second thought. Every action is justified in this case. But, the moment he fails to get a clear answer to those questions from his conscience, he should stop. If he does go about doing that task or activity despite the ‘warning’, he is bound to be at a loss. The loss/failure may not be of materialistic nature but purely based on ethic, logic and practicality.
This concept is widely used in Journalism, Research, Police Investigation, Strategy building and other fields as well. The very basis of these fields is – Questioning Everything. Unless and until you question, you’ll not get the answers and it’s based on these answers that you need to build your foundation and eventually, reach a solution to the given problem. This is referred to as the process of Information gathering to get a Complete story of some occurrence/incident/thing.
Coming back to the six honest serving men,
  1.  Who? Refers to the Participants/Stakeholders
  2.  What? Refers to the Event/Happening/Occasion
  3.  Where? Refers to the Venue/Location
  4.  When? Refers to the Time and Date
  5.  Why? Refers to the Reason/Purpose
  6.  How? Refers to the Process/Modus Operandi/Course/Route

Following the above rule, let’s see how we can apply this in our lives. Consider a simple example-

A 15-year old kid, just out of school, wants a bike.
We start the process by asking questions. The questions need to be asked to all the stakeholders or the people involved with the idea.
Q1. Who?
Ans: The kid, his Parents and the Showroom
Q2. What?
Ans: The Motorbike
Q3. Where?
Ans: The answer for this question could possibly be -The bike is available at the showroom
Q4. When?
Ans: The answer for this question could possibly be – As soon as possible or in the next 10 days or in the next 2 weeks, etc.
Q5: Why?
Ans: The answer for this question could possibly be – Since the kid stays far away from college, a bike would help him commute comfortably, also saving a lot of time and energy.
Q6: How?
Ans: The answer for this question could possibly be- Convince the parents, i.e Sell the idea to the parents. Receive a feed back- Yes or No. Depending on that answer: if it’s a Yes, Select the bike of your choice, go and buy the bike after making the payment.
If it’s a No, forget about the bike or keep trying to convince your parents

Another question that becomes a part of this process is- ‘Which’. But, it is a sub-module of How in most cases. ‘Which’ refers to choice. In the above case, the choice of Bike answers the ‘Which’ question. This answer is again dependent on other factors. In the above case, the factors may be Brand, Mileage, Looks, Budget, Comfort, Manoeuvrability, etc.

The Application of this law in our lives should reap rich benefits, and the best part is the ‘Feel Good factor’. When we do something good, for ourselves or others, we get a really good response from our Conscience and that is one feeling that cannot be felt in any other way. 

So, always remember- The first step of the Learning process is Questioning. Develop a sense of curiosity. Keep Questioning and seek answers for the same. 

Happy Questioning! :)

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Wake up, it’s time to Take a stand!

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Ernst Gaines, the American author had once mentioned in one of his short stories-Question everything. Every stripe, every star, every word spoken, Everything”.
Have we really forgotten this ‘rule’? In our fast-paced lives, we hardly stop to question so many things around us. There are a lot of things lying around us which don’t deserve to be there. But, we have given them a chance because we simply didn’t question their existence. (If we did question, we didn’t get the answer and we conveniently ignored this and moved on with our lives) And by the time, we wake up and try to make a change, we are already deep into that shit. Be it Natural calamities or Terrorist activities or Illegal encroachments or Scams and Scandals, just name it and we can see that these things are always in the limelight at the very last minute, when we really can’t do much about it.
We are responsible for our own actions and due to our failure to act at the right time, we have been exploited at every stage. The promoters of such antagonistic movements/operations have succeeded in cheating us handsomely. They have simply taken advantage of our lenient behaviour and sold their defunct ideas, products and schemes leaving us at a loss.  For us, Indians, this has been happening for the past so many years, first the British than the Politicos, Heads of Corporate Organizations, Sports and welfare organizations, educational institutions, et al.
Every single time we have had to bow down and take the consequences in our stride. How long can this go on? How long do we remain vulnerable to such occurrences? Isn’t it time for us to wake up and take a stand- that We are not ready to accept dishonesty or fraud or any kinds of other unethical or unacceptable acts, anymore.
Whoever, in his Leadership capacity or non-Leadership role tries to do so should be severely and QUICKLY prosecuted and punished. We need to make sure there are no more cases of Harshad Mehta’s, Ramalinga Raju’s or Suresh Kalmadi’s. The people concerned with the above mentioned rogues kept quiet and didn’t interfere with the state-of-affairs. This led to those crooks continuing with their illegal operations and fulfill their quest for greed and power. And the resultant was shame and embarrassment. For Mehta and Raju, it was limited in terms of the people involved but in Kalmadi’s case, it was a National disgrace. 
So, its time for us- the people to Wake up and Take a stand against all this claptrap. Ask questions to those in-charge and seek answers, only then can we and make India a better place to live in for our future generations.