How Might We…

“There are no problems we cannot solve together, and very few that we can solve by ourselves.” ~ Lyndon B. Johnson

Each of us faces challenges of different degree and scale every day- in our personal lives, while at work, while driving on the road, while traveling, etc. etc. There are a lot of common challenges that we face. And, to address these challenges, there are various mechanisms and support systems out there- like Quora, Google Answers and ¬†others. This forum which I’d like to call- the Challenge Hub is one such place where people can post their challenges and expect answers.


In some cases, we have a support system to deal with these range of challenges, in terms of family, friends, colleagues, technology, etc.


Wisdom of Crowds theory exists for many years. The theory states that the collective wisdom of big crowds is smarter than experts as we solve problems or make decisions.

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