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Matt Tucker



‘Big on Ideas. Keen on Learning. High on Empathy’

T-shaped professional with expertise in Social Media & Operations/Program Management and experience of working in & leading diverse functions of multiple Entrepreneurial environments for over 4 years.

I’m passionate about building platforms (for learning, intellectual discourse, personal growth & collaboration) and designing systems (for efficiency, assessment & user-friendliness). I’ve been invited to speak on Social Media at various conferences and workshops in India, U.S.A, Pakistan & Sri Lanka. I consult non-profits, local businesses and individuals, primarily on using the Digital medium to create a larger impact.

I grew up thinking and doing a variety of ‘projects’.
Projects= activities/side gigs/initiatives that matter and have to be built /enabled /transformed.
Some of my significant projects: FailFest, Zwah, Hangout South-Asia, Aawaaz & Twestival.

After graduating in Software Engineering, I ‘restarted’ a dormant Social Media startup which subsequently got acquired. I’ve been fortunate to have been a key part of at least half a dozen entrepreneurial environments. These environments consisted of some outstanding student chapters at college, a promising Tech startup, a pioneering Social Media agency which got acquired, an idea consultancy, a niche clothing brand and few passionate and purposeful non-profits.

I’m keen on associating with Game-changing organizations; that are purpose-driven, customer-centric, innovative, responsible, ethical, profitable & ‘blissful’, to create lasting value.

Also, eager to work for and propagate concepts of Self-Mastery, Consciousness, Social Entrepreneurship, Trusteeship, Ethonomics, Sharing Economy, Maker Culture and Citizenship, specifically among young people.

Looking out for my next BIG project! If you have an idea/mission where you feel I can add value, do reach out to me at nabeel.adeni@gmail.com.
Let’s make a dent in this universe!

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