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T-shaped professional with expertise in Social Media & Operations/Program Management and experience of working in & leading diverse functions of multiple Entrepreneurial environments for more than 5 years.

I’m passionate about building platforms (for learning, intellectual discourse, personal growth & collaboration) and designing systems (for efficiency, assessment & user-friendliness). I’ve been invited to speak on Social Media at various conferences and workshops in India, U.S.A, Pakistan & Sri Lanka. I consult non-profits, local businesses and individuals, primarily on using the Digital medium to create a larger impact.

I’m keen on associating with Game-changing organizations; that are purpose-driven, customer-centric, innovative, responsible, ethical, profitable & ‘blissful’, to create lasting value.

After graduating in Software Engineering, I ‘restarted’ a dormant Social Media startup which subsequently got acquired. I’ve been fortunate to have been a key part of at least half a dozen entrepreneurial environments. These environments consisted of some outstanding student chapters at college, a promising Tech startup, a pioneering Social Media agency which got acquired, an idea consultancy, a niche clothing brand and few passionate and purposeful non-profits.

I enjoy creating structure and order in any kind of an environment. This innate ability to design, reorganise and rebalance things to make them work in diverse environments not only gives me a huge amount of satisfaction, but also an unparalleled high.

I grew up thinking and doing a variety of ‘projects’.
Projects= activities/side gigs/initiatives that matter and have to be built /enabled /transformed.
Some of my significant projects: FailFest, Zwah, Hangout South-Asia, Aawaaz & Twestival.