More than 5 years into my career, I’ve been fortunate to have ended up being a key part of more than half a dozen entrepreneurial environments. These environments consisted of some outstanding student chapters at college, a promising Tech startup, a pioneering Social Media agency, my present workplace (Deep Red Ink), a niche clothing brand, few passionate and purposeful non-profits and more. Thanks to this diverse exposure, I developed a resourceful skill-set and working knowledge in the domains of Web and Social Media, Branding & Identity, Entrepreneurship, Client Servicing, Strategy, Leadership, Business Development, Program Management, Marketing, Content Strategy, Youth Empowerment and much more.

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 Full-Time | Dot Now Social & Deep Red Ink (2010-Present)

After graduating in Software Engineering (in 2010), I ‘restarted’ operations of a dormant Social Media startup- Dot Now Social. After building it for 6 months, Deep Red Ink (an ecology partner) acquired it. And, thus began my journey at Deep Red Ink (DRI), which was at that point of time, a Strategy & Communications firm.

As DRI grew, with its service offerings, so did my skills with more and more new projects and experiences. I started off in DRI as a Social Media Community Manager and became a subject expert in the field. Gradually, I conducted training and mentoring internally, including a Summer Internship Program. Subsequently, I began diversifying my role at the startup by choosing to grow in the horizontal direction by getting into Strategy Consulting,  Marketing & Branding, Client Servicing and Program Management. Being a first employee of a startup, one has a lot of flexibility to experiment with different types of projects and job roles. Apart from that, I also got to learn what it means to be a Founder. The diverse exposure definitely helped broaden my perspective, reach out to key stakeholders of the business and act as a bridge (and at times- Anchor) between the Leadership and the team.

In Jan 2015, I got the opportunity to be a part of this Leadership team. As a member of the 5 member Senior Management team, my job role now expanded into looking after the well-being of the employees, developing new business and networks, ensuring quality and on-time delivery, streamlining processes, leading change by building feedback systems and much more. All this, while chasing the core mission of DRI- Partnering businesses in their Growth journey, using the Digital medium.

Part-Time/Side Gigs/Projects | Zwah, FailFest, Center for Social Sciences, TEDxSecunderabad

Parallelly with my Full-time work, I have executed a variety of ‘projects’. I’d refer to Projects as activities/side gigs/initiatives that matter.


 In 2012, I got together with my classmates from Engineering and started Zwah, an indie youth clothing brand, selling a line of persona-centric designer graphic t-shirts.

T shirts are the best forms of personal expression. What one wears is a direct reflection of their attitude & persona. However, it’s not easy buy T- shirts that reflect one’s true persona. At Zwah, the Tees have been designed keeping in mind the common personas of most people.

Key Role: I led the Strategy and Marketing functions at Zwah.


At TechCamp Mumbai (2013), I got the brainwave for FailFest during a Group Brainstorming session with employees of IDEO, Facebook and few Social Entrepreneurs. They were sharing how ‘failure’ is treated in their organizations- how product teams would share learnings from their products’ failures. This got me thinking. I wondered if I could organize this  kind of a sharing session where I would invite individuals from different backgrounds to share their biggest learnings from failures. Thus, the FailFest idea was born. Within 48 hours, I conceived the whole idea, thought of potential speakers and decided who all I could bring on board to execute this never-done-before-in-Hyderabad idea.

FailFest, as it stands today, is a fun and engaging forum that celebrates learnings from failure. It is a niche initiative to change the conversation around Failure. In short, it is all about celebrating lessons from Failure to inspire stories of success. It is about emphasizing on the learnings from failure and celebrating them, instead of treating them as unfortunate setbacks.

After 2 successful editions, I’m looking to expand it to other cities/countries and spread the message of ‘learning from Failure’

Key Role: I led FailFest’s overall Operations, Branding, Social Media Marketing and Event Management.

Center for Social Sciences

In 2014, I was approached by a seasoned Social Entrepreneur- an old Client (from my AIESEC days) to help with the technical support of her new project. I did everything from making powerpoint presentations, advising on marketing strategy, developing E-Learning modules  to executing social media campaign, liaisoning with video production vendor and conducting hiring. 

Center for Social Sciences (CSS) is a social enterprise startup that aims to bring about social impact through social & political platform. CSS’ key focus areas are Research, Capacity Building, Planning, Data Analysis, Data Collection & Surveys.

Key Role: I consulted the organization in the areas of Strategy, Web & Social Media, Hiring, Video Production and Marketing.


In 2015, I applied for a license to organize a TEDx event at Hyderabad. After a 2 month process (which included filling the extensive application, Quiz, Personal Interview), I was greanted a license by TED to organize a TEDx event. Titled TEDxSecunderabad, the major theme of this event is “Unlocking Potential”.

TEDxSecunderabad is a local, independently organized TEDx event in Hyderabad, India. that strives to re-create the unique experience found at TED. At its core, the fundamental goal is to foster “ideas worth spreading”.

Key Role: Curator & Lead Organizer- Responsible for Communications, Marketing and Event Design.


Speaking Gigs

When I got into the Social media space, it was very nascent in Hyderabad. Being a pioneer in this space really helped me become a local subject expert. And, I quickly progressed from being a mere conference attendee to a conference speaker. Also, thanks to the networks that I had built since my undergraduation, that really got me noted for my work in Social Media. 

Very grateful to the following organizations for giving me the opportunity to share my learnings in the Social Media space: U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad, Rotary Club (Hyderabad-Central), SEMPO, Digital Empowerment Foundation and others.

I’ve been invited to speak (primarily on Social Media) at various conferences and workshops in India, U.S.A, Pakistan & Sri Lanka. Here are some of my recent talks:

Bridging the Employability Gap

Muffakham Jah College of Engineering & Technology (MJCET)
Dec 2014

Enabling Social Change through Social Media

Rotary Club- Hyderabad (Central)
Aug 2014

 View the Presentation on SlideShare

How FailFest is Redefining Failure

U.S. Consulate, Hyderabad
Aug 2014

Social Media beyond Marketing

SEMPO; Cognizant
Jun 2014

View the Presentation on SlideShare

Social Media for Social Change

Social Media Summit; U.S. Embassy, Islamabad, Pakistan
Mar 2014

Social Media for Small Businesses & Non-profits

Digital Empowerment Foundation
Sep 2013
New Delhi

Taking the Leadership journey

U.S. Department of State
Jun 2013
Washington D.C.


Major Skills Gained


  • Program Management
  • Operations
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Branding & Identity
  • Leadership
  • Digital Marketing
  • Client Servicing
  • Project Coordination
  • Business Development
  • Strategy
  • Public Speaking 


  • Social Media
  • Content Strategy
  • Personal Branding
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Copywriting
  • Hiring
  • Liaisoning
  • Event Management
  • Training
  • Facilitation
  • Conceptualizing